Standards & Regulations

At Bill Dreger Glass, every product is required to meet regulatory requirements under The Building Code of Australia (BCA).


The goal of the BCA is to enable the achievement of

nationally consistent, minimum necessary standards. 


The list below indicates the key Australian Standards (AS)

and technical provisions in the BCA relating to Bradnam’s




This Standard specifies requirements, materials,

construction, installation and glazing for windows and




AS1288 refers to the procedures for the selection of glass in windows, doors, showerscreens, wardrobe doors and mirrors relating to human impact.


AS4055 & AS1170

These Standards specify site wind speed classes for

determining wind loads for buildings and houses. The

wind speed classes are for use in the design and

construction of housing, and for manufacturing of

residential building products.



AS3959 covers all construction and retrofitting

requirements for buildings in a bushfire prone area

based on the bushfire attack level of the building. It

includes the calculation of the bushfire attack level.



The access and mobility standard stipulates the design requirements for buildings encompassing the specific needs of people with disabilities.


Energy Efficiency

The BCA has technical provisions that related to energy efficiency for all classes of buildings which have a ignificant impact on the selection of windows and doors.


Sound Insulation

The general objective of these requirements is to protect occupants from illness or loss of amenity as a result of undue sound being transmitted between attached units or to a unit from other parts of the building. External noise sources such as road traffic, industry or aircraft and internal noise sources such as air conditioning or ventilation

systems are not included in the BCA.


Slips, Trips and Fall

The BCA has specific requirement s to minimize the risk of young children falling from windows.



This Standard outlines the requirements for the performance of all types of security screens used primarily in residential situations including hinged, sliding, removable and fixed. This Standard defines the precedence for resistance to forced entry.


At Bill Dreger Glass, you can be assured that you are dealing with a reputable and industry compliant manufacturer and supplier of aluminum joinery systems.


We are 100% committed to product compliance and the highest quality designs, manufacturing and distribution of all our products.


For further information on building regulations and standards, please contact the BCA.